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To deceive is to cause to believe what is not true. Each of us have experience someone deceiving us at one time or another and when we found out we had been deceived it hurt and it made it hard for us to trust someone else. To be deceived on the spiritual side is to believe that there isn’t a God. There are many gods, but there is only one and true God which is the Creator of all living things. Whether one believes there is a God or not, God has instructed us through His word how to governor our lives. The first marriage was in the Garden of Eden. God created woman and brought her to Adam. Adam called her woman because God had created his wife from Adam’s rib. God didn’t create woman from the dust as He had done with Adam, but from the rib of her husband. Marriage is considered holy by God, he ordained it. Before God created Adam’s wife, God stated it was not good for man to be alone, so God created Adam a wife; a woman. One that will help him to reproduce humanity.

A man can’t reproduce by himself neither can a woman reproduce by herself. It takes a woman and a man. Society is saying, it’s okay to marry or date the same gender, but according to the word of God, the Bible, God has instructed a man to be with a woman and woman to be with a man and this is in holy matrimony. Whether we’re a believer of God or not, God’s word will always outweigh the majority, because He is the majority. According to the word of God, the wages of sin is death. Sickness, disease, emotional and mental disorders are sometimes caused by the rejection of God’s law.

Billions have been deceived to think God created them a man inwardly, but on the outside they are a woman or vice versa. Some have went as far as to change their gender to make them what they think they are inwardly. Promiscuous individuals have slept with people they thought may have been a man, but in actuality they were with a woman and vice-versa. Homosexuality, fornication and adultery are sins one commits against their bodies.

The Bible instructs us; when we have unmarital sex, we are sinning against our own body. Our bodies does not belong to us, we belong to God whether we are believers or unbelievers, He created us, and He has given us instructions on how He wants us to govern ourselves. Jesus died in order for us to have life. When we accepted Him as our Savior, we became the body of Christ, and because we are in the body of Christ, single people need to ask God for help in maintaining their bodies until God blesses them with a spouse. You can’t control yourself without the help of God!

Many married couples have been deceived to believe if they pair up with other couples, it’s nothing wrong with it because they both are married, and each couple has agreed to swap spouses. According to God’s law, it’s still adultery because its un-marital sex with someone other than the spouse. We can’t go outside of God’s commandments and think He will bless our mess. God gave the gift of sex, but its meant for a husband and wife; between a man and a woman.

Some ministers are teaching how much God loves us, and yes, God does love us, but He doesn’t love our sin neither does He condone it. God has given us instructions to live by and its our responsibility to read and follow His by-laws. Just because we don’t know the by-laws does not keep us from being exempt from the discipline that comes with sin.

Some Christians want to only point out homosexuality, but whatever we’re doing, if it takes away from what God has instructed us to live by, it’s considered sin. Don’t be deceived, if you really want to know whether or not there is a God, if you seek Him honestly, He will reveal Himself to you. Once you have an encounter with God, and give yourself unreserved to Him, you will not have trouble submitting yourself to His laws and commandments and waiting for Him to give you a spouse.

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