About Us


I want to take the time and welcome you and give you some information about Woman2Woman. It is my prayer that the Woman2Woman ministry will be a blessing of encouragement, counseling, and spiritual direction to women of all nationalities and of all ages.

Whether single, married, young, middle age or elderly, we all have something in common, and that’s our emotions. Women have a very important role in the lives of others. We have been created to love and care for others. The spirit of teaching and nurturing has been placed in us from a child. It’s our character to try to make everything better. We’re so in tune with everyone’s needs until we forget about our needs.

Every now and then we need to be pampered by others as well as learn how to pamper ourselves. Although our mother’s birthed us, they couldn’t give us the breath of life. It’s time we take a deep breath and enjoy the life God has given us. Too many times we believe the report of Satan rather than believing the report of God. God’s thoughts towards you are good, not evil, but thoughts of peace, to bring you to an expected end.

It’s not about what people have told you, spoken over you or how they influenced you, “You wouldn’t be or can’t be”. With God on your side there is nothing you can’t accomplish. In order to accomplish your goals, you have to believe in yourself. The Bible teaches, what a person think in his or her heart is what they will be. We have to begin to think of ourselves as princesses and queens, and as we do so, we will begin to act out what we believe, and people will treat us the way we’re conducting ourselves.

Too many times we’re waiting for someone to encourage us, but we must become able to encourage ourselves when we have no one to encourage us. Take time and study the word of God and learn who you are in Him. Without Him, you or I can’t do nothing. Everything that brings glory to God, it’s Him enabling us to do what we do. God is our resource to the source. Forget about what people did or what they didn’t do, focus on enjoying life as God has given to you. We only have one life, don’t allow nothing to stop you from reaching your goals!

Evangelist Carolyn Luke


Woman2Woman is a non-profit christian ministry. Its mission is to provide life style information specifically for spiritual development for women. Our goal is to globally reach those behind prison bars, the homeless, and proving essential needs.